What you will learn

  • How to draft and mach all the patterns to make this style of bathing suit.

  • How to cut and make spaghetti straps

  • How to cut the fabric and the lining, and prepare it for sewing

  • How to thread and prepare the over-lock or serger machine for knits fabrics.

  • How to sew the fabric and the lining.

  • How to attach elastic.

  • How to finished the edges with a zig-zag stitch.

  • How to add details to the straps


  • Enroll and complete: Bathing Suit Foundation / Sloper course

  • Fabric, lining and elastic. You can order the bathing suit kit that includes bathing suit fabric, bathing suit lining and rubber elastic at www.FashionSFl.com

  • Over-lock or serger, straight stitch machines. The course includes recommendation and links to buy them.



5 star rating

Great for beginners

Tashell Gardner

5 star rating

She is amazing!!!

Elisa Scaroina

I love it!! So easy

I love it!! So easy

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Two-Piece Bathing Suit


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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Two pieces bathing suit pattern

    3. How to cut and sew spaghettis straps

    4. Sewing and adding elastic to the center back of the bottom of the bathing suit

    5. Attaching center back elastic and basting

    6. Serger/Over-lock 101

    7. Attaching elastic to all edges

    8. Finishing the edges with a zig-zag stitch

    9. Making the top

    10. Final steps for the two-piece bathing suit

    1. Drafting the pattern

    2. Cutting

    3. sewing top

    4. Sewing top and bottom

    5. Finishing details

    1. Cutting

    2. Drafting the pattern

    3. Cutting

    4. Preparing the straps and button

    5. Adding elastic

    6. ZigZag stitches

    7. More zigzag and finishing details

    1. Cutting

    2. Preparing straps

    3. Sewing casing and adding boning

    4. Adding straps

    5. Top- finishing touches

    6. Adding elastic to bottom

    7. Serging self and lining together

    8. Finishing the bottom

About this course

  • $54.99
  • 30 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content


Instructor Rucht D'Oleo-Schwartz

Rucht D’Oleo graduated at the top of her class with a diploma in fashion design at Instituto Tecnologico Mercy Jacquez in her home, Dominican Republic. She worked as a fashion designer for high-end clients, giving her the opportunity to create original collections and earn experience in a cutthroat field of the industry. She won several competitions and her designs were featured in numerous fashion shows and published in several newspapers. In 2001, Rucht set out for a new opportunity in Miami, Florida where she graduated with honors from Miami International University of Art and Design. Her first collection consisted of all one-of-a-kind pieces made with carefully chosen natural materials such as linen, cotton, and silk. In that same year, she was named Best New Fashion Designer in Miami and in 2009, she received the Key to Miami Dade County from Mayor Carlos Alvarez. She was invited to be one of nine judges for the international Fashion Designers contest, ŁÓDŹ YOUNG FASHION 2017, and also spoke at the International Fashion Symposium held in Kingston, Jamaica. D’Oleo’s designs have been published in local magazines & newspapers and she has also written and published a book in Spanish about the business of fashion called “ El Negocio de la Moda.” In June 2016, D’Oleo founded Fashion Institute of Florida, a fashion school that was conceived to give creative individuals the opportunity to launch a career in the fashion industry without paying the high cost of traditional colleges. Fashion Institute of Florida is licensed by the Commission of Independent Education in Florida. [email protected]